Sunday Bolognese

This is one of those posts where I should have made sure I had some leftovers to eat, because by the time I finish editing the photos and writing the post and recipe, I know I will be craving this dish in a major way.  It’s seriously that good.  By far the best bolognese we’ve ever had — in a restaurant or otherwise — if we do say so ourselves (and we do.)  There isn’t enough hyperbole in our collective vocabulary to adequately describe how much we love this dish.  Although this is not a quick recipe (which is why we call it “Sunday” bolognese), the extra time and multiple steps are well worth the resulting complex layers of flavor.  Make some this weekend — you won’t be disappointed!

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Grilled Chicken Bulgogi-Style with Scallion Salad

We found this recipe in a magazine we picked up a few years ago called “Sizzle with America’s Top Chefs,” which features recipes from chefs including Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Paula Deen and Wolfgang Puck, among others.  The magazine also has a section with recipes from The Culinary Institute of America.  This chicken dish is one of The CIA’s creations.  We enjoyed it, although it tasted very similar to our Korean Chicken, which involves less ingredients and steps.  So we prefer our recipe during a busy week, but The CIA’s version is a good alternative when we want the extra layer of grill flavor.  We’ll make the scallion salad recipe again for sure — the spicy, sesame flavors combined with the onion-y scallions to provide a nice kick to the chicken that would also work well in other Asian dishes. Continue reading “Grilled Chicken Bulgogi-Style with Scallion Salad”