Friday Favorites

Some food-related (mostly) things we enjoyed this past week:


We had a fun little trip to Minneapolis last weekend to meet up with my parents and see my brother J in a play put on by the university where he works.  We all enjoyed the show, “Crocodile Seeking Refuge,” about 5 individuals from different (and difficult) parts of the world seeking asylum in the U.K. and the lawyer dedicated to helping them, at the ultimate expense of her marriage (with the role of her husband played (expertly!) by my brother.)  It was thought-provoking and well-produced, and all the actors did a great job.  Plus, my brother nailed his British accent.  Well done, Old Chap!


One of Dan’s friends from law school was in town this week and invited him to dinner at the exclusive, 3 Michelin Star restaurant, Alinea.  Since I wasn’t there, any attempt at second-hand descriptions of their meal wouldn’t do it the justice I’m sure it probably deserves.  (I didn’t go because they only sell tickets (pre-paid “tickets” instead of reservations) in groups of 2, 4 and 6, which was reason enough for me to not want to go anyway, on principle.  So there.)  But considering how much it cost, I certainly hope it was the most amazing dining experience of Dan’s life to date.  More importantly, I know that the time spent catching up with a dear old friend was priceless.

Old school sammie

When was the last time you had a tuna melt?  Until today, it had been far too long since I had one — with delicious tuna salad (this recipe is one of our favorites), sliced tomato and melted American cheese on toasted rye bread.


Since moving to Chicagoland we’ve become a bit obsessed with weather, and one of my favorite ways to check the temp is via the free “Weather Whiskers” app on my phone.  It gives me the current temperature (with a cute picture of a cat!) and forecasts (“furrcasts – ha!), and allows me to program in other cities so I can stalk the weather where friends and family live.  Today, finally, the cat is not wearing a sweater or a coat!

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