Chef Salad-ish (with leftover ham)

I call this “Chef Salad-ish” because I’m not really sure what all the ingredients are for classic chef salad, nor do I know what kind of dressing to use.  But I’m pretty sure that chef salad has ham in it, and we just happened to have some ham left over from our Grilled Ham Steak.  As you could probably guess, Dan was out of town on the night I made this salad, which meant I had to cook my own dinner.  So, aside from take-out, this is about as simple as it gets here at FoodieLawyer.


Start with some green leaf lettuce, or whatever kind of lettuce you prefer or happen to have on hand.  That’s the best part of salad for dinner — you can use whatever ingredients you like.


Next, I sliced up some carrots.


I also cut up some cucumber.  I prefer it without the seeds, so after peeling the outside skin, I just cut (lengthwise) off pieces around the middle part with seeds, then discarded the middle part.  Yeah, that would be a lot easier to explain if I’d taken a photo of it.  Did I mention I was “cooking” on my own that night?


In addition to the leftover ham steak, we had some turkey and salami lunch meat in the fridge, so I cut up some of those as well.


I love olives, so I added some pre-sliced black olives to my salad.


Then I added some monterey jack cheese.  But again, whatever cheese you like or have in the fridge would also be good.  Or no cheese — it’s totally up to you!  (Not to worry, we will resume posting actual recipes with specific ingredients soon.)


I dressed my salad with my favorite dressing — this French Vinaigrette, available at most grocery stores.  Dan usually prefers homemade dressing, but I am lazy when it comes to cooking.  He tolerates this one, because it doesn’t have an artificial taste.  I like it because it is a light vinaigrette with a very subtle taste of lemon.  Use whatever salad dressing you like, and if you make your own, please leave a comment with the recipe!

(Why yes, that is our Christmas tree peeking out in the background of the above photo.  And no, we have not packed up any of our Christmas decor yet.  We’ve been busy.  See also, lazy.)

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