Greenberg Smoked Turkey

We were very lucky to be gifted this holiday season with one of Dan’s all-time favorite culinary presents — the Greenberg Smoked Turkey.  This is the second year we have received one, and I’ll be honest — if we had not gotten one as a gift, we probably would have ordered one on our own.  But, Dan’s friends and colleagues in East Texas came through and sent us one last week.  Hooray!  And if those friends are reading – thank you so much!


The smoked turkey is a great holiday gift for many reasons:  1) it is delicious; 2) it tastes a little bit like the best ham you’ve ever eaten; 3) you can order the perfect size; 4) it is delicious; 5) you can freeze portions of it to use later; 6) you can make turkey stock from the carcass; 7) it is delicious.


The Greenberg Smoked Turkey makes Daniel happy.


Dan cut up our turkey so we could eat some now and freeze some for later.  He also made stock from the bones.  We will definitely use some of the stock and some thawed turkey to make really delicious lentil soup this winter.


If you freeze leftovers or other food items very often and don’t have a vacuum sealer, put it on your list to Santa right now.

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