Homemade Noodles with Two Sauces

We are always looking for interesting new cookbooks.  I saw a reference to a book called “The Frankies Spuntino:  Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual,” and knew Dan would like it.  The authors have a couple of restaurants in Brooklyn, and their book includes all kinds of useful cooking tips.  We were particularly inspired by their suggestion that making fresh pasta if you have a stand mixer “is practically painless and almost entirely automatic.”  So, on a recent weekend when we had family in town, we decided to try homemade pasta using the mixer.  To go along with the pasta, we cooked two different quick pan sauces — one with pancetta, white wine and tomato sauce, and the other with pecorino cheese and pepper.  Everything was amazing.

7 thoughts on “Homemade Noodles with Two Sauces

  1. This looks AMAZING – particularly the Cacio e Pepe! I’ve always wanted to make homemade pasta, but don’t have a machine to cut it. I guess I ought to get one. I’ve finally acquired a stand mixer, so I’ve got that front covered, at least.

  2. Both sauces were absolutely wonderful and quick and easy to prepare as was the homemade pasta. Who knew? It truly was an Italian feast!

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