Hatch Green Chiles

It is late summer in the Southwest, and that means green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico are in season!  To celebrate these culinary masterpieces, many of the local grocery stores and certain Tex-Mex restaurants host Green Chile Festivals.

4 thoughts on “Hatch Green Chiles

  1. Jimmy’s Food Store (4901 Bryan St.) sells pizza dough for $2/ea. (They also sell a fantastic prosciutto & mozzarella sandwich.)

  2. I too love Hatch chilis. I am too lazy to prepare them myself and too picky to buy them from Central Market or Chuy’s, because they neglect to peel them. I have a source in Hatch that sells them in various degrees of heat in one pound increments. They are roasted, peeled and are available whole or chopped and sent frozen to your door. I usually buy 10 lbs at least three times a year.

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