Friday Favorites

Some food-related (mostly) things we enjoyed this past week (short & sweet moving edition):


All our stuff arrived safely at our new condo.  Although the movers unpacked a lot of the boxes, they (understandably) didn’t put anything away.  We tackled the kitchen first, which required laying everything out on the counters and floor, then trying to figure out where/how to put it all away.  Keep in mind that we went from a huge kitchen with tons of storage and a walk-in pantry to a regular sized kitchen with no pantry.  And that Dan is very fond of acquiring kitchen gadgets…


About 10 hours and 4 boxes of stuff to donate to Goodwill later, we have a beautiful and efficiently stocked new kitchen.  And I may or may not have burst into tears when I found yet another big box of kitchen stuff that had been mislabeled by the movers and will need to be unpacked and stored somewhere.

Kearney wine

We were excited to try the new wine by one of our favorite musicians, Mat Kearney, in collaboration with a Napa Valley winery (coincidentally, Napa is also one of our favorite places in the whole world.)  The red blend was really good and we love Mat’s message that “It’s full of life, love and a little music.  Turn it up and enjoy.”

"If the foundation is good..."

Back at the Dallas house, the foundation work we are having done is well underway.  It’s very strange to see the gameroom where we logged countless hours of TV time, wii games with our niece and nephew and friends’ kids and hanging out with family and friends torn up like a construction site.  But we will be so glad when the work is done, and the room can be an entertaining (and solid) place for some other family to enjoy while making their own memories.

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