Friday Favorites

Some food-related (mostly) things we enjoyed this past week:

Cool kids

It feels a bit strange writing about favorite things amid tragic events that happened this week in both Boston and West, Texas.  But at the same time, one of the greatest comforts in the wake of tragedy is spending time with loved ones.  We’ve been so lucky to get to spend the past few days with some of our favorite loved ones — Dan’s brother, his sweet wife and their 2 amazing kids.  We met up with them in D.C., and sightseeing through our nation’s capital with our sweet, silly niece and nephew has been a joy, as well as a most welcome distraction from current events.

Lincoln (the memorial, not the vampire hunter)

No matter how many times we’ve seen it, visiting the Lincoln Memorial never ceases to be a moving experience.  Even when the place is teeming with tourists, we have a quiet feeling of reverence when looking up at this massive statue of one of our greatest presidents and reading his eloquent and inspiring words inscribed on the stone walls.

Look at these seats

A new movie theater just opened near our house that has ruined us for all other movie theaters.  “Look Cinemas” is more than just a place to see a movie, and they aren’t kidding when they boast about their “state-of-the-art theaters, acclaimed restaurants and enhanced concessions,” with “reserved seating in a spacious and luxurious environment.”  We saw the movie “42” there last weekend (great movie) and were blown away by the leather, fully-reclining seats; delicious food options (we had a sushi appetizer, chicken sliders and the famous “damn good” fries); and impressive full bar.  Our “dinner & a movie” Friday nights just got a lot more sophisticated.

Can't haz kittehs

For anyone interested in a feral kitten update:  we captured the 3 little wild ones and set them up in a luxury suite in one of our guest bathrooms for a few days.  We attempted to “work with them” to try to get them “comfortable with human contact,” so that they could be “tamed” and presentable for someone to adopt them into a forever home.  Let’s just say that our feral kitten makeover didn’t really go so well, mostly due to their tiny ringleader we call “Spitty,” who valiantly resisted pretty much all attempts at said human contact by hissing/spitting and making himself as ferocious as a little kitten could possibly be.  But, all is well — we found a (no-kill) clinic/shelter to accept them and properly prepare them for adoption, and our good friend Paula took one for Team Kitten, gathered them up and delivered them to the clinic while we are out of town.  Many thanks to her, and best of luck to our fuzzy little friends.

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