Food for Thought

  • Now that it’s back-to-school season (Already? Please don’t go, Summer!), school lunches are a trending topic of conversation. The nonprofit group recently launched a website called Fed Up, where students can post pictures of their lunches—the good, the bad and the ugly (mostly ugly)—and visitors to the site can vote “Eat It” or “Toss It” for each photo. The group plans to compile the data onto a map showing the state of school lunches across the country for distribution to school districts and nutrition advocates. Filter the photos by “Toss It,” and be oh-so-thankful that you are no longer in school.
  • Speaking of school lunches, here’s an interesting slideshow of the history of American school lunches.
  • Mourn Celebrate the end of summer by grilling something delicious this Labor Day weekend. Here are some ideas from Gourmet Magazine (sticky balsamic ribs and corn on the cob with cheese & lime for me, please) and a few from Cooking Light (I’ll have the barbecue chicken sliders with a side of grilled stuffed jalapenos, thank you.)
  • Something we are looking forward to this fall is a quick trip back to Texas for a visit that will obviously have to include an afternoon at the State Fair. It’s always fun to see what new (mostly fried) concessions they will have each year. The 2014 “Big Tex Choice Awards” finalists include deep fried “breakfast for dinner,” fried Gulf shrimp boil, and the original State Fair brew—funnel cake ale. Yum?



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