Friday Favorites

Some food-related (mostly) things we enjoyed this past week:


The Great Kitchen De-Clutter 2013 continued this week while Dan was away in Asia.  In addition to the pantry, I cleaned out and organized several of our kitchen cabinets, including the upper cabinets next to the stove that hold our spices, oils, vinegars, etc.  It was a much-needed (if disgusting — did you know that soy sauce apparently can expire, and that it congeals when it does?) task that will make cooking a lot more efficient and enjoyable.


While Dan was gone, FaceTime was our favorite means of communication.  We were able to talk and see each other on our computer screens, which made the distance seem a little less far.  Technology is truly amazing.




We generally don’t talk politics here on the blog (we’re polite like that), but we think the Supreme Court got it right this week when they overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act.  And we wholeheartedly agree with President Obama and others who used social media to send out the message #LoveIsLove in support of the decision.  It’s that simple.  And that important.


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