Friday Favorites

Some food-related (mostly) things we enjoyed this past week:

Scotch Eggs

We hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend, as we did.  We boiled and colored eggs this year, and tried a new-to-us dish for Easter breakfast — Scotch Eggs.  Basically you take hard boiled eggs, encase them in a layer of sausage (we used hot Italian turkey sausage, casing removed), then lightly coat with flour, dip in beaten eggs, coat with breadcrumbs and deep fry.  Serve with mustard for dipping.  They were really good, and a festive way to enjoy our Easter eggs.

Spring Garden 2013

We planted the rest of our garden this weekend, including okra, several different types of peppers, Japanese eggplant, pickling cucumbers, mini watermelon, and some 1015 onions interspersed throughout.  We have a bunch of herbs growing in cinderblock “pots” along one side of the garden box (oregano, thyme, dill, mint, parsley and cilantro), as well as a little spinach seed experiment happening in the big pot containing our grape vine on the other side.  We look forward to seeing how everything turns out this summer!


We took a break from gardening for a little chips-and-dips snack on the patio at a nearby taco joint.  If you have one in your area, we highly recommend Torchy’s Tacos for deliciously inventive tacos and some of the best queso around.

New bowls

Sometimes the smallest things can make my day.  I found a set of four little ramiken-sized, hard plastic bowls on sale at Target the other day and had to have them, despite the fact that we already have more than enough ramikens that we use for ingredient prep nearly every time we cook.  But the new bowls are pretty as well as functional, and add a nice pop of color to the narrow little bookshelf (actually an old CD tower) in the corner of our kitchen.

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