Migas (with leftover steak)

Breakfast for dinner can be a creative way to use steak leftover from earlier in the week.  On this night, we decided to use our leftover steak to make “migas,” which is Tex-Mex Speak for scrambled eggs with beef, chiles (or peppers) and onion wrapped in a flour tortilla.


Slice up the onions and saute them in a little bit of canola oil.


While the onions are cooking, peel and cut up the green chile.  Instead of chiles, you could use a red or yellow bell pepper.  You could also use canned green chiles instead of fresh ones — we just happened to have some Hatch chiles in the fridge when we made this dish.


Onions are starting to brown – toss or turn them so that they brown evenly.  If you are going to use red or yellow bell pepper, saute the pepper along with the onion.


We diced the chiles.  If you are using peppers, you may want to cut them into strips instead of dicing them.


Onions looking close to done.


Add the chiles to the onions, just to heat them up since they are pre-roasted. 


Cut up the leftover steak into bite-sized pieces.


Crack the eggs into a bowl and add a little bit of milk.


When scrambling the eggs with a fork, be careful not to over-scramble.  You only want to whisk the fork around until the yolks are all broken and you start to see a few bubbles.  Over-scrambled eggs aren’t as fluffy.


Add the meat to the onions and chiles to heat for a minute or so.


Pour in the eggs.


Let the eggs cook for minute, until you start to see them get white around the outer edge.


As the egg cooks, use your spatula to mix everything around and prevent it from sticking.


We like to brown our flour tortillas on a hot cast-iron skillet to give them a little extra something.


Plus, it’s fun to watch them puff up, then poke a little hole in them with your tongs and see them deflate.  (We are perhaps easily amused).


Put the egg and steak mixture on a tortilla, and you have migas!  We had some leftover Hatch green chile queso in the fridge, so we heated that up and poured it on top of the meat and eggs.  You could also use shredded cheddar cheese, if you like cheese on your migas.  Or you can garnish with other Tex-Mex ingredients — tortilla strips, salsa, guacamole — whatever you like.

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